Thunchan Memorial

People often visit Tirur as there are many important reason such as tourism, pilgrim, education, trading etc. Also people used to bring children by their parents for virtual initiation into learning (Vidyarambham) to Thunchan Paramba on the Vijayadasami Day,the most interesting annual event of the Thunchan Campus.


padinPadinjarekara Azhimugham a birds sanctuary

Padinjarekara Azhimugham where the Bharatha puzha ends, at Purathur was proposed as an Important Bird Area (IBA) considering the number of wetland birds that reached here in Bharathapuzha estuary (Purathur), the biggest habitat in Kerala . A beautiful beach very near to Tirur, noted for migratory birds, gathering in their thousands during February – April. Also famous for its astonishing scenic beauty. This beach has long been a favourite destination for both domestic and international travellers as well as nature lovers.